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Who are Skoll and Hati?

Who are Skoll and Hati?

Skoll and Hati are two wolves from Norse mythology who are believed to chase the sun and the moon, respectively. According to the mythology, Skoll and Hati are the sons of a giantess named Angrboda and a wolf named Hrimthurse. They are said to be constant enemies of the sun and the moon, and are destined to chase them across the sky until the end of the world.

Skoll is the wolf that is said to chase the sun, while Hati is the wolf that is said to chase the moon. It is believed that during a solar or lunar eclipse, it appears as though Skoll or Hati has caught their prey. The mythology also holds that at the end of the world, the wolves will finally catch the sun and the moon, causing a great catastrophe.

Skoll and Hati are featured in many ancient Norse texts and are considered to be important figures in Norse mythology. They are often seen as symbols of the constant struggle between light and darkness, and are associated with the idea of the eventual destruction and rebirth of the world.


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