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What is High Speed History?

We are on a mission to bring history themed apparel, gifts and homewares to history fans everywhere. We create unique and original designs based on historical events, people, myths and stories to bring history to life through clothes, gifts and homewares.

Whether you’re a history fan, or you need a gift for the nerd in your life, you’re in the right place!

All our products are unique and designed by us here in our little home office in Surrey, England. We ship our history merch everywhere in the world (well almost!) because we are all connected by historical events and figures. 

Quality materials
Quality materials
Latest technology printing and excellence in design as standard.
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Having a strong understanding of history and it’s impacts provide insight and understanding of the present. It’s importance for understanding self and the wider world is hard to overstate. Our neat designs and everyday history themed products and apparel are perfect for indulging in a passion for history or inspiring a friend or family member with a gift. 

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